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Academic achievement and leadership in large, urban districts

The purpose of this study was to determine if any relationship existed between superintendents’ professional background and academic achievement in 60 large, urban school districts with minimums of 50% minority student population and 40% Title I eligible students. The sample districts, all members of the Council of the Great City Schools, were geographically located in 33 states and the District of Columbia. The 60 districts in the sample ranged in student population from 15,825 to 997,618. Minority representation in the districts ranged from 55% to 99%. Levels of socioeconomic disadvantage ranged from 41% to 100% Title I. The study primarily relied on archival achievement data. Results were inconclusive as to whether any correlation exists between academic achievement and the professional background of superintendents.

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Effecting Change: Intervention for Culturally and linguistically diverse learners

The purpose of this book is to facilitate the transfer of theory into classroom practice. This book is written for the practitioners who work with culturally and linguistically diverse learners in classrooms across the country. It is designed to help understand not only how, but why we must differentiate literacy instruction for students from high poverty, diverse cultures, and diverse languages so they may have greater opportunities for high academic success. This book provides the research on teaching and learning for culturally and linguistically diverse learners in a practitioner-friendly format. It may be used by an individual practitioner, or as part of a professional learning community to guide the evaluation and development and monitoring of an RtI implementation at a school site or school district.

Sociopolitical debate will not prepare our children for success. Appropriate practice will.

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effecting change: When inequity slaps you in the face, change your lens and lead

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