What is an Equity Warrior?

Equity Warrior [ek-wi-tee wawr-yer] noun. A person who shows great vigor, courage, and aggressiveness in the fight for fair and just academic achievement for every child; one who fights so that every child gets the academic support that s/he needs to be as successful as they can possibly be.



With more than 25 years working with majority of color schools and districts, my background as an educator, consultant, and author provides a fresh perspective through sessions focused on

  • Root Cause Analysis,

  • Data Analysis with a Culturally Responsive Lens,

  • Mindset Shifting, and

  • Cultural Awareness

all designed to improve teaching and learning for the children most frequently disenfranchised.


I deliver customized professional development for

  • District Leaders

  • School Leaders,

  • School Boards, and

  • Site-Based Educators & Counselors

in support of leaders' equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.

I provide leadership the training, guidance, and planning support for equity movements that resonate with all stakeholders so we may support the learners we are all here to serve.


  • Professional Development

  • Academic Equity Curriculum Audits

  • Data Analysis workshops with a Culturally Relevant Pedagogical Lens

  • Convocation Keynotes

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